Czech Bohemian glass: advantages and types


Many people want to replenish the collection of home tableware with Bohemian glass items. These are high-quality products characterized by exquisite shine and tinkling.

Dishes made of authentic Bohemian crystal will be appropriate on any table. Despite the external fragility, it is distinguished by its strength and characteristic gloss, which makes the dishes of this brand so desirable for the mass consumer. In this article, we will look at exactly where you can buy it and how it differs from ordinary glassware, which costs 100 times cheaper.

Where can you buy original Bohemian crystal products

If you are looking for an online store where you can buy authentic Czech products made on the basis of Bohemian crystal, we recommend buying vases on the website

The huge advantage of this online store is to provide the largest assortment of specialized products when compared with similar companies on the market. Among the advantages of the company that distinguish it favorably from competitors are:

a systematic increase in the assortment of goods, which makes it possible to cover the needs of any buyer;
a simple and convenient site where you can quickly place an order, even without having the appropriate experience;
the order is sent to any part of the world — with a complete list of countries to which the online store delivers dishes based on Bohemian crystal, is presented directly on the website;
providing maximum information regarding products, on the basis of which it is easier for each customer to choose a product that meets his needs.

The buyer can independently choose the method of payment for the order. It takes 15-20 minutes to consider the received application, after which the managers of the company contact the clients to agree on all aspects of the purchase.

Features of Bohemian crystal glassware

Speaking specifically about Czech-made candy vases, they are divided into 2 varieties: models made of lead crystal and gold. The latter are distinguished by the presence of gilded inserts, which can be located along the entire perimeter of the product. Also popular are original vases with provided inserts of colored crystal, the shades of which can be very different: from ruby ​​to bottle. A great offer will allow you to find a solution that suits your taste.

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