Who is Alexei Wells and his main functions as a photographer


One of the most memorable and significant events in a person’s life can be a wedding. To capture it in all its beauty and diversity, to leave a pleasant memory, you need to film the entire wedding process.

To do this, it is worth inviting a professional master, one of whom is Alexei Wells Photography.

Specialist services

Alexey works in London, specializing in wedding photography. He also travels to any region of the UK. On his website there is a selection of works where a potential client can get an impression of the level and capabilities of the master.

The list of services includes the following:

  1. A date in London is a 90-minute shoot of a love story or engagement in the nation’s capital. It costs £250 and will result in 70-100 edited photographs.
  2. A romantic story, where filming takes 4 hours, can take place in the capital or throughout England. It costs 650 pounds, in the end the customer will receive 200-250 photographs.
  3. A mini-wedding shoot lasts from one to three hours. Here the payment is hourly depending on the period; for one hour the photographer charges 150 pounds and produces up to 70 photographs. This session is only held in London.
  4. Half-day photography is suitable for the wedding ceremony itself and photographing the newlyweds and guests in festive attire. It takes 5 hours, costs £800, and the customer receives 300-350 photographs.
  5. An entire shooting day lasts 10 hours, costs £1,500, and results in the client receiving 500-550 photos.
  6. Luxury shooting will cost £2,000 and will take 12 hours. The number of shots will be 600-700.
  7. Production of a printed version of a photo album with beautiful design and high-quality production of a book of any format.

Free pre-wedding consultations are available for all filming options. The photographer creates a gallery of images for downloading and sharing. Most shoots have bonus offers for engagement shoots or album discounts.

Benefits of cooperation

The author is versatile and can photograph weddings and engagements in any style depending on the wishes of the clients. The people in the photographs appear spontaneous, full of feelings and emotions. A photographer can put almost anyone at ease and offer an original story and composition.

Clients note that Alexey is pleasant and easy to work with; he is able to convey any idea to his interlocutor in order to get unforgettable emotions and photographs.

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