Tips for organizing a wedding in Georgia


Georgia, with its unique landscapes, rich culture and renowned hospitality, is the ideal destination for wedding ceremonies. Organizing a wedding in this beautiful country requires attention to many details to make the celebration truly unforgettable.

Georgia offers a variety of wedding venues, from majestic mountain landscapes and cozy wine regions to seaside towns and historical sites. Anyone can learn more about organizing a wedding on the Miel.

Places where you can have a wedding

The best venues for a wedding are:

  • Tbilisi is the capital with a rich history and modern infrastructure;
  • Sighnaghi is a cozy town in Kakheti, known as the “city of love”;
  • Kazbegi — mountains and alpine meadows for nature lovers;
  • Batumi — seaside romance and picturesque beaches;
  • Mtskheta is an ancient capital with unique historical places.

The weather in Georgia can vary greatly depending on the season. Spring and autumn are considered the best times for weddings as the weather is usually mild and pleasant during these periods. Summer can have hot days, especially in low-lying areas, while winter months can bring snow and cold, especially in mountainous areas.

Before planning your wedding, it is important to familiarize yourself with the legal requirements for registering a marriage in Georgia. If you and your partner are not citizens of Georgia, please find out what documents you need to provide. Contact your country’s consulate or embassy for full details.

Georgia is rich in cultural traditions and rituals. Elements of Georgian culture can be included in the ceremony. You can organize traditional dances, music or a ritual of bread and salt to give the celebration a national flavor.

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